Dagens låt- too dumb to die | Jinx



Dagens låt- too dumb to die


“Oh, oh, I love you
Oh, oh, I do
I got a sentimental illness for you
Please don’t go away, oh yeah

I was a high school atom bomb
Going off on the weekends
Smoking dope and mowing lawns
And I hated all the new trends
Me and my friends sang
“Woah-uh-oh-oh-oh (woah-uh-oh)
Here’s to the middle of the road
At least it’s better than here

Looking for a cause
But all I got was Santa Claus
I’m hanging on a dream that’s too dumb to die
I feel like a Jell-o
Lost somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high, too scared to dream
But too dumb to die..”



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